degree in the United States, they
return home. We’re ceding talent to com-
petitor nations and, more significantly,
spurning a future generation of innova-
tive entrepreneurs.
Need for New Immigration Vision
The United States has always stood for
economic opportunity, and individuals
continue to see our country as a place to
build a better life. Sure, immigration re-
form is clearly necessary for economic
security. It’s the right thing to do. How-
ever, the US has been unable to keep
pace with those wishing to live here.
Laws are violated.
That’s why immigration reform can’t
focus solely on attracting talent from
abroad. As a nation, we must also face
the reality that 11 million individuals re-
side in the United States without legal
status. Comprehensive immigration re-
form will never become a reality without
providing a humanitarian solution for the
millions of undocumented individuals in
the United States.
The time has come for a new vision.
Immigration reform will strengthen the
nation, making it more competitive, mak-
ing it more competitive. Welcome the
many individuals eager to share; their tal-
ents will contribute to an economy that
needs bolstering.
The situation provides an opportunity
to inspire many new Americans (i.e., im-
migrants) with the principles and values
that have made our country the most
powerful economy in the world.
Author Jay Timmons is president
and chief executive officer of the
National Association of Manufacturers
(NAM) and a leading advocate for the
nearly 12 million Americans employed
in the manufacturing sector. NAM is
the largest US manufacturing
association. Its mission is to foster a
stronger economy by enhancing the
competitiveness of American
manufacturers. To learn more about the
organization, visit
“Comprehensive immigration reform
will allow the nation to meet current and
future workforce needs by welcoming
people who can innovate and build –
regardless of country origin.”
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