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thus having an unsettling impact on
the economy.
Regulation: A Chilling Effect
Global warming? Better to talk first about
the economic freeze. Cost of regulation,
Timmons pointed out – with that nearly
$2 trillion bill – cuts into the US ability to
compete and succeed. No wonder Tim-
mons could only smile weakly when
asked if this was a “wonderful time” to
talk about the manufacturing industry at
the February 7 event.
Timmons suggested a new vision:
Manufacturers seated at the table, he re-
lated, can help craft regulations based on
sound economic science. That, he said,
would go a long way to ensuring that:
• The most appropriate regulations are
developed (and understood);
• Outcomes will be agreed upon; and
• Consistency will prevail.
Manufacturing is uplifting; it enabled his
family to enter the middle class, Timmons
revealed. He’d like the industry to have
the same impact on more Americans.
A Manufacturing Renaissance?
Don’t count the dollars yet. Consider: With
every dollar invested in manufacturing, a
$1.48 of spinoff activities occurs – and that
is the highest multiplier effect of any sector
leaders must be
present when
are discussed.”
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