Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 4

a public relations agency part of the Brand Finance Plc group, on British geographical indication (GI) brands validates the view that location branding can drive positive percep- tions about brands. The study revealed that for GI brands, having a geographical indica- tion fares well with British consumers. Phrases associated with protected status skew posi- tive with “Authentic” (66.2%) and “Premium Quality” (62.2%) receiving the highest scores, followed by “Preserve Traditional Methods and Culture” (50.6%) and “Something to be Proud of” (49.6%). The two lowest-scoring phrases were “Only for Special Occasions” (8.6%) and “Rip-off” (4.4%). Flexing Soft Power Muscle Public diplomacy efforts within the realm of soft power should be treated no differently 20 INDUSTRY TODAY FEATURE - BRAND FINANCE ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Haigh is the CEO and founder of Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent brand valuation con- sultancy. Every year, Brand Finance puts 5,000 of the world’s biggest brands to the test, ranking the strongest and most valuable. David has represented the British Standards Institution on the international working party which published the first standards on brand valuation (ISO 10668) and evaluation (ISO 20671). For more information on Brand Finance or to access their rankings and reports, visit Brandirectory at or email