Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 4

from developing a corporate and marketing strategy of a nation brand. A successful nation branding campaign will help create a more favourable and lasting image among the inter- national audience thus further enhancing a country’s soft power. Essentially, soft power is a country’s ability to influence the preferences and behaviours of various actors in the international arena (states, corporations, communities, publics etc.) through attraction or persuasion rather than coercion. With the combination of Brand Finance’s analytical experience in evaluating brands and our sister company Brand Dialogue’s core capability around content, communications, diplomacy and PR, we are creating a new Soft Power Index launching in 2020 that Brand Finance will run annually, incorporating authoritative published data together with new proprietary survey research. In this time marked by change, it is more important than ever that governments, trade bodies, and businesses take steps to ensure that their nation brand is strategically appropriate and well-managed. Pictured left: Brand Dialogue’s British GI Brands 2019 report. INDUSTRY TODAY 21 FEATURE - BRAND FINANCE