Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 4

North America, of which 12 are dedicated manufacturing operations. “We are strategi- cally positioned to serve the four corners of the continent,” Potvin says. While BID Group does have some international business, such as in Brazil, Potvin says this is primarily the result of domestic customers that have international operations. “At some point we’re looking to expand sales overseas, but right now we’re con- centrating on other priorities in developing our business.” Industry 4.0 In addition to the actual tools that cut, con- SHORT HISTORY OF BID GROUP The privately-owned BID Group of Companies together provide over 30 years of experience in sawmill and planer mills operations. These companies include BID Group Construction (originally founded in 1983), Comact, PHL, Deltech, and Miller Manufacturing, together pro- viding efficient and reliable equipment and services to the forest products industry, operat- ing 14 facilities throughout North America. BID Group employs some 1800, though seasonal demand may expand that number; about 1200 are employed in various areas of technical services and support, with much of the remainder devoted to construction activities. “It’s a continuing challenge to find the people you need in today’s labor market,” Potvin notes. “We have two distinct advantages over other manufacturers all struggling with the same problem, however. One is that we’re not an assembly-line type of operation. A welder isn’t going to be doing the same set of tasks day-in and day-out. So we appeal to workers looking for variety and ongoing challenges. Second, we do a lot of on-site work, which appeals to younger employees looking to travel. Of course, what that means for us is to offer opportunities in the company for these workers as they get older and look to settle down and travel less. Recruitment and retainment is changing all the time and like any employer we strive to stay on top of it and attract the best talent.” 66 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | BID GROUP