Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 4

figure and produce a finished product, Potvin emphasizes the software side that goes into the making of hardwood. “Like any manufacturer, we’re looking to implement Industry 4.0 to our systems. Our Oper8 software platform is our next big step towards bringing real-time monitoring of sawmill operations. This entails everything from managing and maintaining equipment to tracking logging by-products such as wood chips and sawdust,” Potvin says. He adds, “The objective is to provide data on a daily basis that five years ago you could only generate monthly or weekly at best. Of course, the more relevant data you have immediately on-hand, the more flexibility you have to react to not only what’s going on in the plant, but also changing market conditions.” Money doesn’t grow on trees, but how you turn those trees into products determines how much money you can make out of them. However you cut it, BID Group provides the best solutions for delivering a complete range of innovative world-class equipment, service and turnkey solutions for the forestry industry. INDUSTRY TODAY 67 BID GROUP | PROFILE