Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 4

between GE Aviation and Safran of France— that the GE90 engine powered by carbon-fiber composite fan blades could become a practical reality. Based in San Marcos, Texas, CFAN’s express purpose is to manufacture the composite fan blades used in the GE90 engine that powers the Boeing 777, as well as GEnx engines for the Boeing 787 and Boeing 747-8 aircraft. In addition, GE is looking to a new generation of carbon-fiber composites to make the fan blades for its GE9X jet engine. That engine is under development for the Boeing 777X twin-en- gine passenger airplanes set to enter service in 2020. The new blades promise to provide larger, lighter, quieter engines with greater fuel STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS FOR THE AEROSPACE INDUSTRY PROUDLY MANUFACTURED BY OUR 7,000 EMPLOYEES IN NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE HIGH TECHNICALITY AND VERTICAL INTEGRATION FORGING, HOT FORMING, MACHINING AND SURFACE TREATMENT +1-424-347-9368 LISI AEROSPACE 70 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | CFAN