Industry Today Volume 23 Issue 2

POUCH PACKAGIN PUNCHES UP PHA CAPABILITIES Euclid’s multi-dose pouch packaging machine eliminates packaging by hand, freeing pharmacist time to advise patients on COVID-19. ver the past month, supermarket shelves quickly cleared of toilet paper and cleaning essentials as public fear of COVID-19 took hold, but more quietly this pandemic is over- whelming the drug counters. As a vital com- ponent of the healthcare system, pharmacies play an important role in providing medicines, therapeutics, vaccines, and critical healthcare services to the public. Pharmacists work hard to keep up with patients’ demands on prescriptions and over- the-counter remedies for the unknown duration of the pandemic. Euclid® Medical Products is helping to ease the strain on pharmacies during the influx of patients with the launch of the next generation Axial® Multi-Dose Adherence Pouch Packaging Machine. These machines are packaging unit- or multi- dose medications at speeds up to 65 packages per minute, eliminating the time-consuming manual processes of sorting and packaging by hand. These automation tools are helping free up pharmacists’ valuable time and allowing them to focus on the important tasks like con- sulting with patients and alleviating their worry during the COVID-19 crisis. “At Euclid® Medical Products, we are com- mitted to helping pharmacies improve overall operational efficiency especially in times of O 58 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | EUCLID® MEDICAL PRODUCTS