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that the right amount of material is applied everywhere you
want it applied without overlapping to achieve optimum
results. Not just in terms of covering everything, but how you
cover it. For example, our spreaders are 20 to 40 percent
wider than most other manufacturer models. That means
a tractor can spread more material over more territory in a
single pass, with fewer turns and faster completion. That
reduces your labor time and costs, as well as your fuel and main-
tenance expenses.”
But there is more involved than just width to ensure better,
more cost-efficient spreading performance. “We have a patent
pending technology called Binary Manifold Hydraulics. It’s a
unique way to connect our spreaders to a tractor that saves a con-
siderable amount of set up time. Typically, it takes an average
of six hours to connect all the valves and electronics between the
spreader and the tractor. The Binary Manifold that is standard
on all our spreaders shortens that period to 45 minutes.”
Hagler notes, “We aim to be the Microsoft of our industry, mean-
ing that we strive for standardization among modular compo-
nents. Whatever electronics the farmer has on a tractor, whatever
the manufacturer of the tractor, our controls are going to be com-
patible. All BBI products adhere to ISO 11783, also called
ISOBUS, which is a protocol that specifies a serial data network
communications control for all agricultural equipment. Because
Pictured: BBI’s innovative approach to standardized manufacturing has
resulted in increased market share.