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companies, as long as these companies invest in areas typically
ignored by capital providers. Besides encouraging business
growth, this would help secure existing jobs and, hopefully, cre-
ate new ones.
“For sure, that’s one of our main goals: building jobs in an area
and within a business and within an industry that has been
impacted by the tough economic times,” comments Ty Mason.
The financing package includes co-investment from the Mason
brothers as well as executives and members of the board of direc-
tors, and MCH Equity Ventures. Also, Marshall & Ilsley Bank
provides a revolving line of credit, which will be directed toward
financing for the business’s short-term working capital needs.
But investment doesn’t imply control. “Advantage Capital
isn’t interested in the day-to-day operations. My brother Jad and
I will handle that,” says Ty.
Rather, Advantage Capital shares Mason’s growth vision and
seeks to gain a solid investment return as it helps the company gain
entrance into new market areas – a win-win situation, so to speak.
The investment will propel Mason into a new growth phase and
extend the family focused operation’s successful history, which
began in 61 years ago. “Roots date back to 1949 and a company
called Mason Steel Fabricating Company, which was founded by
my grandfather,” recalls Ty Mason. “That company was sold in
1983 and my father, Wes Mason, who worked with Mason Steel,
then founded Mason Manufacturing in 1988.”
Wes Mason is now retired. He stepped down in 2004. His wife
Carol (a previous co-majority owner, along with her husband)
retired three years later. The company continues thriving under
their sons’ shared leadership, and their combined vision is
Pictured above left (from top): 15’-6 x 65’-0 filter vessel;
S&T heat exchanger in progress;
above: 8-pass heat exchanger.