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Circul-Aire, these include:
• Dry-O-Thon, a 30-year-old dehumidification equipment com-
• Ecosaire
, which specializes in highly engineered, fully pack-
aged systems for commercial and industrial applications.
• RefPlus, a refrigeration equipment company founded by
• ThermoPlus Air Inc., a specialty heating and cooling units
firm, also founded by Lakdawala.
Meanwhile, as far as applications, Circul-Aire runs the gamut from
A to Z. “Application is really only limited by someone’s imagina-
tion,” says Agopian. “We literally run through the alphabet, starting
at places like airports and ending at zoological institutions.”
In between, you’ll find Circul-Aire technology in places like
athletic clubs and autopsy rooms, as well as in banks and any
place that handles large amounts of money. “One of the most
polluted environments is where money is printed. The air is
filled with formaldehyde,” reveals Agopian.
Circul-Aire is also found in barbershops and beauty salons,
because many of the products these places deploy emit toxic
fumes. Running fromA to B to C, applications also include cor-
rectional facilities, cocktail lounges and clinics. (“One of the
most amazing things that we have found is that in in-vitro
clinics, artificial insemination is three times more successful
in a purified air environment,” says Agopian.) You could then
Pictured: Circul-Aire’s custom built equipment consistantly improves air
quality no matter what the application.