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will certainly have enormous impact on a world that its cus-
tomers impact.
Circul-Aire accomplishes its magic with its Multi-Mix chemical
media that provides continuous purification of contaminated air
present in the aforementioned environments. Multi-Mix media
combines the adsorption properties of activated carbon with the
oxidation properties of chemically impregnated alumina. In this
way, the chemical media controls corrosive gases that attack del-
icate process control equipment in heavy industry. It is also used
in places such as laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities to
eliminate malodorous and nuisance gases that affect people’s
health and well being.
With various high eff iciency Multi-Mix formulations,
Circul-Aire provides the ideal combination of physical and
chemical characteristics to meet the specific needs of each appli-
cation, the company states. The media can be impregnated with
numerous chemical agents for selective performance and capac-
ity enhancements.
This points to how Circul-Aire’s in-house laboratory and engi-
neering team research and develop systematic, integrated
approaches to complex and ever changing environmental con-
trol problems. What comes out of research and development then
goes into Circul-Aire’s design and manufacture facilities.
So, don’t think for a moment that you need to run away and
hide out in a rain forest somewhere, bereft of clothing and
basic products, in order to survive. Circul-Aire is on the job.
“During our 40 years of existence, we’ve engaged in a great
deal of research that resulted in technological advancements,”
says Agopian.