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Here’s where its global nature provides an unintended pun: “We
manufacture a planetary gearbox,” says Tullar. “It’s a forte.”
Along with the planetary iteration, the company’s gearboxes
include parallel shaft, right angle planetary and right angle worm
The company is known for its standard products, but that doesn’t
tell the whole story. There are 120,000 different combinations
of these products. And that’s not even talking about the cus-
tomization that occurs. Customers that visit the company’s Web
site can put in a request listing their specific requirements. In
turn, company engineers will tailor existing products to meet
customers’ needs.
“Our goal is to turn out the product in 48 hours,” says Tullar.
“We don’t stock the finished motor; we stock parts so that we
can easily change out these parts to make a motor that’s cus-
tomized to meet a client’s specifications.”
The company is also capable of easy modifications – and this
points back to the primary business focus: custom motors. “We
design many motors that you don’t find on our Web site,” says
Tullar. “Many motors are custom built, whether for a customer
or a project.”
Customers that visit the company Web site (www.groschopp.-
com) will find information that can help them determine if it is
in their best interest to order a standard product or a customized
solution. The company offers an online STP (Speed Torque
Power) calculator, as well as a downloadable version with addi-
tional features. The interactive screen updates information as
new data is entered, allowing customers to play out “what if ”
scenarios. Unsurprisingly, Groschopp’s creative Web site
achieved recognition: In 2008, Machine Design listed it among