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its “Best Sites on the Web.”
Tullar indicates that Groschopp has developed a strong and
unique relationship with clients. “We don’t treat customers as
just ‘customers’,” he says. “Rather, they become our business
partners. We become part of their network.”
In many cases, Groschopp works as an engineering arm for
other manufacturers. Engineers from the company sit in the
client’s meetings, offer innovative solutions, and deliver what
customers need.
These collaborative relationships are bolstered by Groschopp’s
well-trained engineers. “Truly, our largest strength is our engi-
neering staff,” comments Tullar. Indeed, Groschopp engineers
are heavily involved in the fractional horsepower motor industry
and fully comprehend recent trends. As such, they help their
employer improve its products, create innovative solutions and
keep up with the latest market technology.
Quite often, and in the best of circumstances, the company has
developed relationships with customers that last for decades –
and we’re talking about important relationships (i.e., with a num-
ber of world-class OEMs). Further, partners continually turn to
the company for comprehensive integrated solutions, and
Groschopp covers every step of the process, from design and
engineering to final assembly and testing.
According to Tullar, Groschopp’s engineers know motors with
a depth of understanding that far exceeds competitors’. This
knowledge is indeed comprehensive. “We not only understand
what intermittent duty cycle means, but we can also advise cus-
tomers as to which motor choice would be the best for their
application. We want them to be happy with their motor. But our
concern extends beyond sale. We’re not looking to sell them
something, no questions asked. We want to make sure that they
are satisfied that we have provided them with the motor best
suited to their application needs.”
Such conscientiousness provides clients the best return on
investment. For instance, in a case where a motor doesn’t have
to continually run, the company’s staff is more than willing to
advise customers on selecting a smaller motor that will produce
the same performance levels, given the application.
But that’s not all. Groschopp truly pushes the envelope. In
some cases, its engineers respond to customers’ needs by devel-
oping a product that the engineering staff has never worked with
or even seen before. Here’s an illustration: Once, an OEM
approached the company about a bus transmission shifter. It
requested a motor with a backup winding inside the armature.
The idea behind the request was that if the primary winding
failed, the secondary winding would engage. Groschopp
responded by developing its first 2-commutator armature for the
client. Even with the preparation and testing needed for the
unique design, Groschopp was able to stay within the customer’s
planned budget for the project. Further, Groschopp not only suc-
cessfully met a client’s complex request, but it pushed its own
boundaries about what it could accomplish.
Motors developed at Groschopp are used in products through-
out the world. The company has a large, highly visible footprint
in hospitals. The company produces motors used in X-ray
rooms, cast cutters, patient lifts and other medical lifts. The com-
pany’s focus on high quality makes it an attractive supplier for
various companies in the medical industry.
In the automotive and off-road market, the company manu-
factures motors used in bus transmission shifters, truck trans-
mission shifters, and truck cabinet ventilation systems. In the
commercial food and beverage market, company products are
found in mixers, conveyor ovens, and milkshake blending
machines. It also creates parts for construction pumps, vapor
recovery pumps, and water treatment pumps.
Groschopp products can also be found in security systems
(e.g., smoke curtains, prison doors, and automated sliding
doors). In the construction arena, it manufactures motors for
concrete vibrators, cement saws and drills. Groschopp also
established a presence in laboratory mixers, twist tie machines,
distribution center conveyors, professional woodworking tools,
and impact wrenches.
Total production for the company – including output from its
Sioux Center and San Luis Potosi plants – ranges between 1.5
million and two million motors each year. Company officials
expect that number to grow. “We’re anticipating 25- to 30-per-
cent growth during the next year,” says Tullar.
Dedication to quality, combined with the desire to partner with
clients, enabled Groschopp to continually grow during its seven
decades in the fractional horsepower motor industry. In the
future, its engineering staff will likely create new products to
help other manufacturers take their own product to the market.
Thus, Groschopp will remain a major player in the small
motor industry.
Pictured: The combination of a skilled workforce and proven engineering
know how has provided Groschopp with a winning formula.