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No one does it better than Meridian, which has emerged as a
world leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of high-
quality magnesium die cast components. Its approach results in
innovative and effective solutions, deployment of leading edge
die cast design, and advanced engineering capabilities. When
you stir high-level manufacturing capabilities into ground-level
customer needs, you come up with a recipe – a company – that
provides magnesium die casting products that consistently meet
and/or exceed specific performance targets.
But the versatile company is not just about magnesium:
Meridian Lightweight Technologies also is a leading supplier of
lightweight aluminum products. But whatever the medium
(magnesium or aluminum) the company is an integral supplier
for the automotive industry.
“We provide a variety of lightweight components,” says Jeff
Moyer, vice president of business development and engineering.
“Typically, we apply skill and products toward lightweight struc-
tural chassis and power train components.”
Offerings range from seat frames to instrument panels, and to
front-end modules and door closures, magnesium oil pans, trans-
fer cases, transmission housings, console and brake support
brackets, steering wheels and specialty parts.
But leave it to the industry experts to recognize and celebrate
mastery. In early 2010, Meridian Lightweight Technologies
received Automotive News’ PACE award, a prestigious recogni-
tion that spotlights automotive suppliers that demonstrate supe-
rior innovation, technological advancement and strong business
performance. If this were an Olympic competition, Meridian
would receive a “10” in all of those categories.
Specifically, the PACE Award acknowledged Meridian’s work
on the development of an innovative single-piece cast magne-
sium inner rear lift gate panel for the Lincoln MKT.
The single-piece, weight-saving design, an integral part of the
door assembly, replaces an assembled steel stamping and serves
as an attachment point for various components integrated into
the closure system. This closure panel magnesium casting, pro-
duced at Meridian’s Eaton Rapids, Mich. facility, helps Ford
improve vehicle fuel economy by providing more than 20
pounds of weight reduction as compared to the equivalent steel
structure, while meeting all safety standards and contributing to
enhanced vehicle performance.
According to the company, the breakthrough design provides
a lightweight closure technology with significant advantages: