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complex geometry impossible without stampings, and integra-
tion of components resulting in fewer secondary operations.
The PACE recognition – as much an award as a reward, con-
sidering Meridian’s considerable efforts through the years – val-
idates the company mission: to be the leading full-service sup-
plier of innovative magnesium die cast components and
assemblies in the global marketplace. Specifically, it validated
Meridian’s aspiration to be the go-to company for Tier 1 auto-
motive manufacturers and OEMs, especially when it comes to
die-casting components and intra-vehicular assemblies.
Throughout its history, the company backed up its expressed
commitments (to be a world-leading full-service supplier of cut-
ting-edge magnesium die casting components in the global
transportation market) by establishing locations throughout the
world (in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and the
United Kingdom) staffed by at least 5,000 employees.
“We have production facilities in Strathroy, Ontario, and in
Eaton Rapids, Mich., Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, in Shanghai and
in Nottinghamshire in England,” reports Moyer. “In addition, we
have a sales office in Plymouth, Mich., and engineering and
sales offices in Germany and Japan.”
This global expansion allowed the Meridian to develop a rep-
utation for design and magnesium die casting excellence as it
expanded its all-important automotive client base.
But market leadership requires more than just a basic under-
standing of magnesium die-casting. Indeed, Meridian’s Product
Engineering Group offers customers the industry’s best in-house
design capability, vast experience in design development of thin-
walled structural die cast components, and development of
newer and more innovative applications of magnesium.
Moreover, when it comes right down to the nit-and-grit of mag-
nesium die casting at the shop-floor level, the company equipped
itself with modern tools designed to better harness its own ambi-
tions. For instance, Meridian uses CAE as a design tool to ensure
optimal product development and application related to per-
formance and weight. Further, CAD packages include SDRC I-
DEAS, CATIA and UNI-GRAPHICS with FEA analysis handled
Pictured: Industry awards are a testament to Meridian’s experience
and achievements.