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by linear and non-linear solvers. In addition, the company pos-
sesses in-house CFD capability.
Here’s how it all turns out: Similar magnesium die casting
companies can provide adequate magnesium die castings, but
Meridian applies much more advanced engineering and design
capabilities, in the process assuring that products pass all tests
and meet or exceed application specifications.
Alan Miller, Meridian’s vice president of administration, raises
one more point that might be overshadowed by the company’s
strong bottom-line performance: “Magnesium is eco-friendly,
especially when you look at it from a recyclability standpoint,”
he says. “We’re able to accomplish a great deal of in-house recy-
cling of our own materials. We are one of the few die casters in
the world that does that.”
For Meridian, the environment is just as important as any other
business element. As such, the company is committed to com-
plying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations,
consistent company standards, and customer and community
requirements. Further, it focuses on continuous improvement and
pollution prevention, and the company designs products and
develops processes in such a way that ensures minimum adverse
effect on the world that it serves. The company also encourages
awareness of environmentally safe practices throughout its entire
enterprise. To meet its environmental goals, the company requires
plants to set objective targets and subsequently monitor progress.
Meanwhile, Meridian is well positioned to support major cus-
tomers in key markets, according to Moyer. “We are the largest
supplier of magnesium die cast components, as we’ve estab-
lished global locations not just in North America but throughout
the world to serve clients seeking light-weighting through mag-
nesium usage,” he comments.
Adds Miller: “With our many years of expertise and experi-
ence, we can design, develop and manufacture parts made with
magnesium better than anyone in the world.”
That pretty much says it all.
Pictured: Expertise is the key to Meridian light weight
technologies success.