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of 52.57 percent. Regarding the comparative of license plate
(emplacamentos) after 2004, Librelato registered a growth of
131.84 percent, while the sector’s first-placed company regis-
tered barely 21.10 percent.
In the last eight years (2001 to 2009), the indices of growth
intensified significantly. Librelato demonstrated more than
1,000-percent growth and the chart of collaborators with a
growth of over 1300 percent from 2002 to July/2010. The com-
pany is already working on its strategic planning for 2011 and
will soon toss new products into its catalogue.
In the current year, the company expects to take in R$300 mil-
lion (roughly US$175 million) in revenues, having produced 300
units for heavy cargo vehicles and 200 chassis units (for light
cargos) each month. The light cargo segment constitutes a big
market in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo,
where legislation forbids heavy cargo trucks from entering the
city. “Brazil’s two market leaders, Randon and Guerra, don’t
even deal with the light segment,” Librelato points out, adding
that he sees a lot of potential in this line.
Meanwhile, Librelato has big plans. These include doubling
monthly production levels of its heavy line products to 500 units
by next year, building up its export activity. Exports currently
represent five percent of business. It wants to increase this to 10
percent (although this goal depends upon stabilization of the
weak U.S. dollar). This will help it reach revenue levels of R$1
billion (US$600 million) in the next three years. Lofty ambitions,
true – but the company is well on its way to meeting its goals due
to some massive transformations, including the decisions to take
Pictured above (from left): Unit plant in Orleans / SC;
company president, José Carlos Librelato, closely monitors all the services;
opposite (from left): Librelato’s Marketing and legal Manager, Thayni da
Silva Librelato, making the donation of Easter eggs to children. Librelato
invests in social action because it believes that promoting social equality
contributes to a better society;
semi-trailer load Articulated Open 4 Axis;
below: semi-trailers Forest Bitrem 4 Axis.