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ordering and tracking. “Our parts business is substantial, as it
represents about 25 percent of our total revenue,” reveals Rooke.
Meanwhile, Manitex plans to stay the course with its aggressive
and globe-focused expansion strategy, which will entail
both organic growth and acquisitions. As far as acquisition activ-
ities, the company keeps it eye out for the most appropriate busi-
nesses with the most appropriate products to advance its strate-
gic direction.
“Within this two-pronged strategy, we see organic growth in
terms of revenue and continued margin of prof itability,”
describes Rooke. “Plans in terms of acquisition growth are
pretty obvious, after the two 2009 purchases and the 2010
announcement about CVS.”
Like everyone, Manitex endured a very challenging period in
the past year or so. Still, it managed to successfully confront the
challenges at that same time that it prepared itself for the future
and the anticipated market upswing. The company managed to
increase its product portfolio and its markets and, as a result, it
is now even stronger than it was before the economic storm hit.
The company is seeing a gradual increase in demand in its tra-
ditional North American markets, as well as within the interna-
tional markets that it selectively entered. And the company will
continue on this positive path, seeking new products and new
domestic and international markets. That’s it’s niche.
Pictured: Manitex equipment is designed to perform in a wide variety of