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and marketing. “It not only serves Australia but also the New
Zealand, Asia and South Africa markets.”
Manufacturing in that part of the world means that Schwarze
Industries can meet customers’ specific demands and accom-
modate local conditions. To guarantee minimum downtime, all
parts are either manufactured or sourced within Australia.
Currently, Schwarze machines operate in 35 countries. “We truly
comprehend how machine downtime can impact an end user,”
says Massey. “So, in any part of the world, we will do whatever
it takes to immediately satisfy a customer.”
At its facilities, the company produces it A, M and S series of
products. “In the A Series, the A stands for air,” explains Massey.
“The line includes heavy duty regenerative air sweepers designed
for highway, airport runway and construction sweeping. Within
the series are the A4000, A7000, A8000 and A9000 models, as
well as the latest addition to the line, which is the GS6 model.”
Introduced just this year, the GS6 Regenerative Air Street
Sweeper initially met with great success in the European mar-
ket, which led the company to distribute the model in its North
and South American markets. This heavy duty, chassis-mounted
sweeper was engineered with a completely new approach to
sweeper frame design that dramatically reduces freight costs: It
can be manufactured without the need for a chassis on site. It
can then be shipped in a container to the mounting location for
final installation on the chassis.
The GS6 generates a high-velocity air column of more than
17,000 CFM propelled through a 14-inch blast tube. This high-
volume air blast loosens debris from pavement surfaces, trans-
porting it into a 7.8-cubic-yard hopper via a 14-inch suction
tube. The GS6 also includes a 39-inch diameter gutter brooms
with optional hydraulic tilt and GEO and a 250-gallon dust sup-
pression system. As the company reports, GS6 engineering is
cutting edge with a completely new approach to sweeper frame
design and auxiliary engine mounting. The Schwarze GS6 also
comes with LED lighting.
In fact, to meet customer demands, Schwarze introduced stan-
dard LED lighting for all of its sweeper products, with the excep-
tion of the floodlights. According to the company, the addition
of LEDs lowers the overall electric draw and increases the life
expectancy of the light and alternator. Its application also
reduces maintenance costs.
The “M” in the M series stands for mechanical, and the line’s
mechanical broom sweepers were designed for general street
sweeping, milling and construction clean up. “The series
includes the M5000, the M6000 which comes in various con-
figurations of single engine or twin engine,” says Massey.
“Primary customers for the A and M series include municipal
and federal government as well as the U.S. military. Also, within
those two series, we offer product powered by diesel engines, as
well as several alternative fuel models, which run on compressed
natural gas [CNG] and liquid propane gas [LPG].”
The S series represents the leading U.S. line for parking area
sweeping, and it’s the first choice for private contractors and
mall managers. “The series is essentially where Schwarze
Industries got its start,” says Massey. “The company was built
upon the S series product.”
Schwarze Industries was established in 1975. “It was started by
Schwarze family members who built and owned the company