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communication. “We’re able to make these successful upgrades
by listening to our customers and our dealers. Their input directs
us to make the appropriate adjustments to improve operation for
the end user,” adds Massey.
And, of course, the most substantial differentiator is the prod-
uct offering. “In the United States, we have one of the broadest
lines of sweeper and asphalt patching equipment,” says Massey.
“Our line far exceeds competitors’ offerings, as our equipment
can meet the need of any application that’s out there.”
So, essentially, Schwarze says, “Bring it on!”
As far as asphalt equipment, the company’s premiere products
– the RoadPatcher and Spraypatcher – provide safe, consistent,
cost-effective asphalt repair from a piece of equipment that only
requires one operator. Plus, as with its street sweepers, Schwarze
continually improves the equipment. For instance, in June, it
introduced the upgraded SP-550 Spraypatcher, which already
included exclusive features such as a power-assisted broom and
fully shrouded unit. The redesign also has a larger blower to
increase airflow, delivering more aggregate for faster repairs. It
also boasts an upgraded air intake for the blower, stronger
shrouding and an improved hydraulic pump.
In 2008, Schwarze introduced its latest street sweeper innova-
tion – the DXR model, which features a waterless and dustless
design, making it an environmentally friendly, year-round
sweeping solution. “It’s the way of the future, with water become
an increasingly larger focal point in the industry and in the
world,” observes Massey.
This is how the DXR works: It contains and traps very
fine particulate matter, including “PM-10 fines” known to