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During the economic downturn, many
industrial manufacturers shied away from
major technology investments. But, as we
emerge from the downturn, it’s clear the
investment in new technologies will be
key to revitalizing the sector worldwide.
Certain technology investments can even
make a manufacturer’s global supply
chain more flexible and cost-effective.
While signs pointing to an upturn, the
industry is not yet out of the woods. The
best way to prepare for any market condi-
tion is to create an agile supply chain that
can be adjusted based on real-time
insights. Building supply chain flexibility
today ensures that manufacturers can
handle what happens tomorrow.
Matthew Hanna, marketing manager with UPS,
works with customers in the industrial manufactur-
ing industry. Through his understanding of current
industry trends and challenges, he has been instru-
mental in implementing strategies that address UPS
customer needs in the manufacturing sector, such as
reducing transportation costs, improving delivery
speed and maintaining a lean inventory.
The example of Vology Data Systems illus-
trates how efficient use of facility-floor
space can help companies manage costs
and realize savings. A Florida-based distrib-
utor of networking telecommunications
solutions, Vology learned this lesson first
hand. Over a two-and-a-half month period,
Vology redesigned and streamlined its entire
distribution facility. The company reduced its
production area from 20,000 square feet to
6,000 square feet and is now using the addi-
tional space for storage, allowing for future
expansion. Overall, the changes increased
the facility’s capacity by 70 percent.
When Vology experienced a major surge of
business from international customers
between October 2009 and March 2010, it
did not need to build a new warehouse or
hire new employees; it had already
redesigned its layout to accommodate the
growth. Now, Vology can nearly double its
current capacity before having to search for
a new facility.
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