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14001,” Fischer says.
The plant features:
• An advanced painting process that reduces carbon emissions
by 20 percent in the paint shop;
• Reuse of rainwater for cooling and restrooms, expected to save
up to 350,000 gallons of water annually;
• Low NOx gas boiler burners;
• Energy-efficient electric motors expected to achieve annual
savings of about three million kilowatt hours;
• Power efficient lighting – T5 lighting system saves more than
20 percent over conventional industrial lighting; LED street
lighting saves about 100,000 kilowatt hours per year and
reduces “light pollution” in the night sky;
• A paint shop water efficient “eco dry scrubber system” that
reduces water consumption by 25,000 gallons a day;
80 percent of vehicles shipped by rail;
• An on-site recycling and waste management center that is tar-
geted to eliminate virtually any waste typical for a landfill.
“Volkswagen Group of America is already a leader in green
investments, offering low-consumption, low-emission technolo-
gies for today’s roads, with the goal to minimize the carbon foot-
print,” says Fischer, adding that the company continuously
improves it production processes to maximize sustainability and
minimize environmental impact.
VW has invested $1 billion in the Chattanooga project, an invest-
ment that will pay off in a facility designed from the ground up
Pictured: The new sedan was specifically designed for the North
American market.