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The company, which has nearly 4,000 employees, also
includes Bristow Academy, which provides helicopter flight
training services. “It is the largest and best training school of its
kind in the world,” says Duncan. “Essentially, anyone who wants
to learn how to fly a helicopter can come to the school and
become a pilot. The company also houses our own training sim-
ulators. This technology enables us to provide recurrent training
and, in turn, ensure the quality of our pilots.”
In addition, Bristow makes available contract helicopter main-
tenance and training programs, a service that insures clients
receive the highest degree of flexibility and the safest, most
experienced flight and maintenance crews available.
Bristow’s history dates back more than 40 years. According to
the company, the business began by providing helicopter serv-
ices to the Gulf of Mexico through Air Logistics, which focused
on servicing offshore projects in the oil and gas industry.
“Air Logistics was owned by a company called Offshore
Logistics,” relates Duncan. “Offshore originally was a supply
boat company. It eventually added air transportation services and
sold its supply boats, to focus on air transport.”
Air Logistics expanded to become one of the largest helicop-
ter transportation providers in North America, and it opened an
Alaskan division to facilitate oil and gas projects in that area.
“Then, in the mid-1990s, Offshore Logistics merged with
Bristow Helicopters Ltd., a company founded in the United
Kingdom by Alan Bristow,” continues Duncan.
The founder was a British military pilot who became an inno-
vative aviation businessman. His company became one of the
world’s largest helicopter services businesses. Offshore
1318 Smede Hwy.,
Broussard, LA 70518
Phone: 337-364-4357
Fax: 337-364-4186
It has been a pleasure for Arrow Aviation Company to be able to interact with the Bristow Group
Management team during the past years of our association. The Bristow Group’s dedication to pro-
viding the safest helicopter transport to their customers is second to none. Arrow Aviation
Company hopes to be able to continue to support the Bristow Group over the next 40 years as well.
Arrow Repairs & Overhauls
Bell 205, 206, 206L, 212, 222,
230, 407, 412, & 430
Series Components
Arrow Overhauls
Rolls Royce 250 Series, C20, C30,
& C47 Engine Models
S-76 Series Components
Custom Aircraft Painting
Hydraulic Repair Services
Arrowʼs Avionics Department Has Bell, Eurocopter
and Sikorsky Trained Technicians Capable of
Troubleshooting and Repairing Electrical
Avionics Completions and Total Airframe Rewiring.
Bell Helicopter Certified Fixtures:
Cabin Fixture:
204, 205, 206 A/B, 206L, 212, 214, 407, 412
Tailboom Fixture:
204, 205, 206 A/B, 206L, 212, 214, 407, 412
Please Call for Competitive Pricing and Discounts
on Bell, Eurocopter, Sikorsky & Rolls Royce Parts
FAA Certified Repair Station Y3AR527Y
Approved EASA 145.6040
Certified Service Center For:
Contact: Kellie, Fred, or Jason
Dry Leases Available
206 B3
206 L-3
206 L-4
AS 350B3