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airline companies (both in Indonesia). The developments vali-
dated Aveos’ role as a leading global business citizen that
achieved multinational, transcontinental ranking by dint of it
substantial capabilities.
But related activities dates back beyond the recent agreement.
“We’ve serviced GE and CFM engines for more than two
decades, demonstrating specific expertise in CFM and CF-34
engines,” says Andrews.
The engine technical service agreement threw open the
door for Aveos to the large and rapidly growing Chinese
aviation market, and it revised Aveos’ resume by adding
an important client: Air China, the flagship carrier for
the People’s Republic of China. Air China operates a mixed
fleet of 247Airbus and Boeing aircraft and posts an international
passenger and cargo manifest that includes more than 250
destinations in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, North America
and Europe.
The relationship underscores Aveos’ ability to grow its
already robust client base – which now includes AerCap, thanks
to a recently signed agreement – as it possesses one of the
strongest CFM-56 programs in the aviation industry’s MRO
sector. As far as the other new clients, Aveos will enjoy a
f ive-year, engine technical service agreement with Air
Moldova (for MRO and related services); a one-year agreement
with Merpati Airlines for MRO and related services for the car-
rier’s CFM-56-3 engines; and an agreement with Mandala
Airlines for the repair, overhaul and related services for the
CFM56-5A engine.
Obviously, Aveos’ strategic plan involves expansion into
the global marketplace. “We have the processes and customer
focus in place,” says Andrews. “It has been a successful strategy,
as it presented us with new markets in new regions and coun-
tries, where we can offer solutions that are both integrated and
world class.”
The strategy is further accentuated by the 12-year engine and
airframe maintenance agreement that Aveos signed with Air
France in July 2010. The agreement includes MRO and related
services for CFM56 engines, as well as Airbus A320, A330 and
A340 aircraft.
The new relationship can best be described as symbiotic: “Air
France is a dynamic organization, much like Aveos,” says
Andrews. “It seeks to build expertise and competency related to
its fleet, but it’s also looking to ensure that it operates in the
appropriate markets while providing the appropriate capabili-
ties. That pretty much defines what Aveos does.”
It’s a partnership made in heaven – or at least in the upper lev-
els of Earth’s atmosphere. “We’re working with them on the
CFM products, and they are working with us on other products
that will support us,” says Andrews.
The larger plan currently resides in the seedling stage, and
Aveos is confident that its crops will kiss the sky. “It’s all about
establishing the right partnerships that will promote growth on
both sides – the company and the client – and then determining,
in collaborative fashion, the best areas that will promote com-
mon success.”
Fostering mutual growth – that is what Aveos is all about.
The sky’s the only limit, and no one has clearly defined how
far that envelope reaches. For Aveos, each new day presents
new possibilities.
So let’s hail Eos, Goddess of Dawn!
Pictured: Aveos makes continual investments in its facilities, ensuring its
customers receive the very best service;
Aveos on-wing engine monitoring.