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the creation and preservation of jobs but also in matters per-
taining to the communities where we have a presence.”
For instance, in Mexico, Volkswagen created a program to
support investigation efforts and biodiversity conservation in
Mexico. Each year, the company issues a $100,000 grant toward
this project.
Further, Volkswagen is mindful of the environmental problems
– and the potential solutions – that will impact both regions and
the entire world. For instance, in 2008, Volkswagen de México
began funding a long-term reforestation program in the Puebla
area with the goal of conserving the region’s water reserves. The
company also donates regularly to community causes. During
the last eight years, the company and its employees have donated
more than $1.5 million to sponsor social projects for children in
need in the state of Puebla.
With the new addition that was inaugurated in July 2010, com-
pany officials expect to soon take advantage of new capacity lev-
els. “In 2008 we produced 450,000 vehicles, which was the high-
est number of cars the plant had manufactured in its history,”
notes Karig. The following year, as the world economic crisis
took effect, the plant produced fewer vehicles but still remained
intact. “Now in 2010, with the demand recovering, we’re in a
good position with a new product and new capacity levels to
seize market’s opportunities.”
Volkswagen plans to open a new production plant in
Chattanooga, Tenn. next year. “With the new plant, we’re plan-
ning to create a supply chain and manufacturing network
between the plants in the United States and Mexico. This will
lead to a stronger Volkswagen presence in both countries.”
Pictured opposite: Thomas Karig, vice president of corporate affairs and
strategy at Volkswagen de México;
above (from top): the Mexican Volkswagen plant, a large enterprise, has
made recent investments to make it even bigger;
with the new addition that was inaugurated in July 2010, the company
expects to soon take advantage of new capacity levels;
Volkswagen´s plant in Puebla is focused on compact car production.