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S.A. de C.V. is in the minority. “The average
company in Mexico is not currently investing in
projects such as a new manufacturing plant,”
says Ivan López Verver y Vargas, marketing
director of Cesantoni, a leading producer of ceramic flooring and
tiles. “Cesantoni, however, is looking for careful, sustained growth,
and since we’re a vertical company it’s easy to make that happen.”
The company has a plan underway to open a new factory in
northern Mexico. This plant will be the company’s third pro-
duction area, as it already has two operating plants in Mexico.
“With the addition of the third plant, we’ll be able to double the
level of our current production,” says López.
Cesantoni is based in the city of Calera de Victor Rosales,
located in the central state of Zacatecas. It currently has two man-
ufacturing plants in Zacatecas. It plans to open the third plant in
the northern state of Coahuila. “This will enable us to better reach
the northern market in Mexico and the United States as well.”
Since it first started operations in 1980, Cesantoni has focused
on creating tile and flooring that stands apart from the competi-
tion. “The traditional market for tiles in Mexico was quite satu-
rated, so Cesantoni entered as a producer of elaborate, exclusive
designs.” This allowed the company to position itself as a man-
ufacturer for the high-end ceramic tile market in Mexico.
The strategy led to steady growth for the company, and in
1990 it opened a second plant in order to meet the increase in
demand for its products. “This second plant was installed with
the latest technology and machinery that was 100 percent
Italian.” The addition helped Cesantoni establish itself as a
leader in technology, innovation, and design in the tile and
ceramic flooring industry.
Over the years, the company’s product line has grown to