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include a wide variety of designs and flooring options.
Customers can select among glossy, semi-glossy, matte, rustic
or textured finishes. They can also choose from a selection of
sizes. For tiles, the sizes include 43.2 by 43.2 centimeters, 33 by
33 centimeters, 55 by 55 centimeters, and 54 by 54 centimeters
for rectified flooring. For wall coverings, the tiles and flooring
come in the following sizes: 22 by 35 centimeters, 31 by 61 cen-
timeters, and 30 by 45 centimeters.
“Every three to four months, we add new lines to our tiles,
flooring, and accessories,” says López. This constant, consistent
change helps the company maintain a competitive edge in the
market. Some of its current offerings in designs include: Monet,
Moscovia, and Khania for kitchens; Sorrento, Andorra, Jerez,
and Fresno for interiors, Bechamel, Atocha, Etrusco, and Tonalá
for exteriors; Corcho, Cipres, and Murcia for an imitation wood
appearance. Colors for these products range from neutrals and
pastels to bright tones.
Cesantoni’s products work well in both residential spaces and
institutional areas. Individuals, companies, and government
projects that require high-end flooring can find integral solu-
tions through Cesantoni. The company has three decades of
experience catering to these types of customers and is familiar
with their needs and the market’s demands.
“The challenge with ceramic flooring lies in creating a product
that is similar to real stone, such as marble or onyx flooring.”
Cesantoni has addressed this issue by adding processes that lead
to a high quality finished product. “Our products go through
processes that sometimes take five to six days to complete. The