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growth potential,” de Castro says. “The distribution channels
are different than those of retail, and there are very few
other players in this field. The fact that we have a proven track
record, solid structure, large volume capacity, and a reputation
for technical competence provides us with an important com-
petitive edge.”
That Esmaltec has such an edge is hardly surprising. After all,
the company places great emphasis on state-of-the-art facilities
and equipment and on highly trained employees. “We have a
very strong in-house training program,” reports de Castro. “We
groom employees for long careers.”
The company provides aid and incentive to employees already
in its service, as well as to their family members and communi-
ties. In fact, the Edson Queiroz Group (to which Esmaltec
belongs) through the Edson Queiroz Foundation maintains UNI-
FOR, a private university with 25,000 students. Here, employ-
ees can study and carry out research in areas such as mechani-
cal engineering, thermodynamics, heating, combustion, and
refrigeration – all of which not only pave the way for future
employment at Esmaltec but also generate important research in
terms of product development.
“As a company that takes pride in the fact that we’re Brazilian,
we make an effort to put people first,” says de Castro, summing
up the firm’s philosophy. “Ultimately, if we invest a lot in our
workers, they will not only achieve prominence within the com-
pany but also within Brazilian society.”
Pictured: Energy reduction is a driving concern for Esmaltec.