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• Adjustable brushes resulted in a more effective cleaning device;
• The user could empty the load without getting off the tractor.
According to Cohan, “These consumer insights are now incor-
porated into our new message: ‘Agri-Fab, Lawn Care Made Easy’.”
Also, Agri-Fab constantly looks to make its products less sea-
sonal. The company wants its products used throughout the year.
For example, the sweeper has long been viewed as a product for
cleaning up leaves just in the fall. New emphasis is now being
placed on its all-season capabilities. The sweeper is ideal for
spring cleanup and summer grass clipping removal.
Coupled with the outstanding marketing strategy is an unbeat-
able manufacturing facility. Agri-Fab invests much of its revenue
back into the business, and it develops advanced manufacturing
Agri-Fab also helps clients by fostering better manufacturing
procedures, enabling them to focus on core competencies. The
company also helps them realize ways to reduce costs and expe-
rience the benefits of flexibility.
Today, Agri-Fab is a strong two-pronged corporation, as it
couples its strong manufacturing capability with consumer-
based marketing to meet and surpass its short- and long-term
objectives. The company truly provides the best products to
make lawn care easy for its current and future customers.
Pictured above (clockwise from left): Push/Tow Poly Roller;
Push SmartSpreader Pro;
Universal Tow Spreader.
Pictured above (from top): Universal Tow Tiller;
Agri-Fab Chip-N-Vac;
ATV Tow Spreader;
Scraper Box.