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“Although there are still a few lingering results of the crisis,
the situation in Brazil is looking very good today,” says
Carvalho. “The federal government is investing significantly in
small producers with programs that offer increased financing.
As a result, small farmers are buying a lot of equipment. This
year production of grains will break records. Also experiencing
a lot of growth is the animal feed segment (i.e. cattle pastures);
we’re currently a leader in seeding equipment for this niche.
Meanwhile, in terms of new markets, the cultivation of sugar
cane for use as a sustainable biofuel is really taking off. In
response to its growth, we’ve developed some machines that are
specifically geared towards this market.”
Due its unique origins, Kuhn do Brasil is ideally positioned
for expansion. On one hand, the company benefits from its con-
siderable know-how – inherited from Metasa – regarding the
design and manufacture of direct seeding equipment. On the
other hand, it has access to a wide range of imported products,
whose Kuhn brand name – synonymous with decades of expe-
rience and solid global reputation – ensures that they are easily
(and eagerly) accepted by the Brazilian market. “Ultimately, our
goal is to become a multi-specialist,” confesses Carvalho. “We
want to be able to meet the demands of various segments in
terms of products, service, and performance. But whatever it is
we do, the common denominator is quality and the bottom line
is productivity – for us and for our clients.”
Pictured: While Kuhn do Brasil produces crop spraying, fertilizing and soil
preparation equipment, 70 percent of its production is devoted to direct
seeding machinery such as min-till and no-till seed drills.
Initially created to address the needs of the Latin-
American market segment, Hidrover subsequently
became the region’s leading cylinder manufacturer. The
well-vetted company (it has achieved ISO 9001 and
14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications) boasts a product
portfolio of cylinders that benefit numerous customers
and their specific applications. Coverage areas include
agricultural equipment (tractors, combines, spreaders,
planters, etc.), cranes, construction, naval equipment,
forklifts, waste compactors and forestry loaders, among
others. Further, Hidrover functions as both a supplier and
commercial partner for the leading manufacturers of
such equipment.