Industry Today Volume 20 Issue 5

t wasn’t so long ago when automobile manufacturing was considered “dirty”—harsh environments where workers made products with tailpipes that spewed noxious fossil fuel residues. But that was, to quote a famous advertising slogan of the era, your father’s Oldsmobile. In fact, Oldsmobiles aren’t even made any more, nor are today’s cars the gas gluttons of yesteryear. Investment into technological innovation, both on the factory floor and in the products produced there, are creating new jobs and helping to stimulate the economy. As our lead article on the auto industry’s Blue Green Alliance points out, this past October marked the five year anniversary of the finalization of current fuel economy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) standards. Cars are more fuel efficient than ever. Which has helped the American auto industry achieve high profitability, global competitiveness and growth. And, needless to say, save consumers dollars at the pump while contributing to cleaner air and better living environments, The Blue Green Alliance publishes I PUBLISHER’S LETTER 2 INDUSTRY TODAY