Industry Today Volume 20 Issue 5

4 INDUSTRY TODAY CONTENTS INDUSTRY TODAY 129 128 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE•FLEETWOOD FLEETWOOD• PROFILE Fleetwood Fixtures is a uniquely integrated design and project manager of custom, value-driven quality fixture installments for retail, hospitality and workplace customers. David Soyka reports on its passion to transform ideas into effective branding statements. 116 BEKO TECHNOLOGIES 06 BLUE GREEN ALLIANCE 62 DAIMLER TRUCKS NORTH AMERICA (DTNA) 128 FLEETWOOD heproductsmadebyBEKOTechnologies, Corp. live up to its corporate motto of “Truth in Compressed Air.” By safely and cost-effectively removingwater, oil and dirt particles that are a natural result of compressed air systems,BEKOTechnologiesmakes it easier for its customers tomeet their corporate obliga- tions to properly process discharged condensate in a sustainable fashion. Sowe can all—custom- ers and employees, as well as the rest of us— breathe a little easier. “We’re the most widely-used, most widely- INDUSTRY TODAY 117 116 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE• BEKO TECHNOLOGIES BEKO TECHNOLOGIES• PROFILE BEKO Technologies manufactures innovative, environmentally-friendly, high-quality compressed air treatment systems, condensate management products and related instrumentation. David Soyka reports. ver the past decade, our nation’s auto- motive industry has demonstrated its ability to rebuild—developing great cars that save consumers money at the pump, bringing back jobs and manufacturing, all the while meeting world leading fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards. What many don’t re- alize is that these gains depend on investment O VISUALIZING THE CLEAN ECONOMY CleanVehicleManufacturersand JobsExpandAcrossAmerica. The BlueGreen Alliance addresses why strong fuel economy standards arekey to the future ofautomotivemanufacturingand innovation. INDUSTRY TODAY 7 6 INDUSTRY TODAY FOCUS BLUEGREENALLIANCE FOCUS BLUEGREENALLIANCE INDUSTRY TODAY 63 62 INDUSTRY TODAY DAIMLER TRUCKS• PROFILE PROFILE•DAIMLER TRUCKS Daimler Truck North America makes highly-regarded truck brands, including the iconic Freightliner and Western Star Trucks. David Soyka reports on the world’s largest manufacturer of trucks over six tons. Industry Today is published bi-monthly by Positive Publications LLC, 65 Madison Avenue, Suite 540, Morristown, NJ 07960. Copyright © Industry Today 2017. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or for any purpose without prior written consent from the publisher and payment of the agreed fee. ISSN # 1521-8058 65 Madison Avenue, Suite 540, Morristown, NJ 07960 Ph. 973.218.0310 Managing Editor: Susan G. Poeton Project Director: Brian McMillan Director of Business Development and Audience Engagement: Steve Jabon Project Managers: Marcos Elias Jonathan Listig Production: Melissa S. Burge Art Director: Seema Mazhar Contributing Designers: Jorge Leandro Rodrigues Profile Writers: Reuben Ford, Lorie Greenspan, Michael Sommers, David Soyka