Industry Today Volume 21 Issue 2

he manufacturing industry has always been a technology leader. The problem with being a first-adaptor is we oftentimes find that the technology we employ to make the shop more efficient doesn’t always connect well with the managers in the front office or what sales people are using in the field in relaying customer specifications. So here we are with all these disparate systems that work well enough on their own, but present barriers to effective communication and collaboration. Given the constraints of IT resources and budget, what’s a cost- effective solution to this problem? Consider implementing a cloud-based Digital Workplace solution, custom designed by Atos—a leading global digital services and IT infrastructure and management company with an impressive record of success integrating manufacturing legacy systems to improve connections among departments as well as individual employees. In this issue’s lead editorial, “Building the Factory of the Future with Digital Workplace, Mike Harm, global chief technology officer for Atos, explains how a “device agnostic” cloud-based platform allows for easy and highly-secure, T PUBLISHER’S LETTER 2 INDUSTRY TODAY