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4 INDUSTRY TODAY CONTENTS nnovative Refrigeration Systems Inc. designs, builds and installs customized turnkey world-class, computer-controlled ammonia refrigeration systems, large tonnage freon andCO2 systems for the cold storage and food processmarkets. It’s one thing to put “Innovative” in your name—that’s the easy part. It’s quite another to deliver on the promise of innovation. Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc. is one manufacturer that doesn’t just live up to its name, it defines it. “We like to say thatwhen you hire Innovative, that’s exactlywhat you get,” says presidentMike INDUSTRY TODAY 3 2 INDUSTRY TODAY INNOVATIVE REFRIGERATION• PROFILE PROFILE• INNOVATIVE REFRIGERATION Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc. designs, fabricates and installs customized cutting edge industrial refrigeration units. The Virginia company’s unique to the refrigeration industry ISO 9001 certification and cloud-based compliance software services best serves expanding customer needs. David Soyka reports. 06 ATOS 34 CETYS UNIVERSITY 58 GREATER DES MOINES 68 INNOVATIVE REFRIGERATION anufacturers are typically eager to adopt new technologies that help re- duce costs and improve productivity. The problem is that these technologies histori- callywere implemented separately to address the specificneedsof a givendepartment—sales, shop floor, front end office, engineering and design. Consequently,manufacturers arehamstrungby a variety of legacy systems that don’t interactwell; but to fix this requires IT and budget resources they simplydon’thave the luxury to expend. Implementing a Digital Workplace solution M Digital Workplace solutions will help manufacturers modernize legacy systems, increase efficiency and collaboration - without the time and expense of total hardware/software overhaul. BUILDING THE FACTORY OF THE FUTURE WITH DIGITAL WORKPLACE INDUSTRY TODAY 7 6 INDUSTRY TODAY FOCUS ATOS FOCUS ATOS FOUCS Higher Ed Students at CETYS University in Mexico collaborate with MIT, Honeywell and Gulfstream with the launch of a new International Tech Center. NEW MANUFACTURING HUB OPENS IN MEXICO he same day PresidentTrump addressed the country with his State of the Union and spoke about keepingmanufacturing jobs in theUnitedStates, anew techhubopened in BajaCalifornia.Despite the President’s state- mentson the subject, studies show that automak- ers still invest inMexico.And theywill continue todo sonow thatCETYSUniversityhasopened a new innovation hubwith a focus on engineer- ing available to industries in theU.S. and abroad. On January 30, CETYS University, one of the top higher education institutions inMexico T INDUSTRY TODAY 35 34 INDUSTRY TODAY FEATURE CETYSUNIVERSITY FEATURE CETYSUNIVERSITY f there is one thing to learn fromMichael Foods’ recent announcement of an $85 million food production facility, it is that GreaterDesMoines (DSM) is a great place for foodmanufacturers. Based inMinnetonka,Minn.,Michael Foods, serving the foodservice industry, is a $2 billion companyofPostHoldings, Inc., and thenation’s largest processor of value-added eggs.Company brands include Crystal Farms dairy products, Better’nEggs,AllWhites liquid eggs andSimply Potatoes. The February announcement of the 143,000-square-foot facility in Norwalk makes it one of the largest industrial projects to come to Iowa.With it comes the promise of 168 new jobs. Plans for construction begin in April and are expected to be operational by late 2019. Michael Foods is joining a host of other food and beverage companies that have recently ex- panded such as Loffredo Fresh Produce, Capi- tal City Fruit, Atlantic Bottling, Mrs. Clarks, LaQuercia andPurfoods.Added to that,Hy-Vee is building a new $86 million production cen- ter. Cold storage facilities to have expanded re- cently includeCrossroadsColdStorage and Iowa I Michael Foods to bring 168 new jobs in one of the largest industrial projects Iowa’s capital has seen. GREATER DES MOINES ATTRACTS $85 MILLION FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY INDUSTRY TODAY 59 FEATURE GREATERDESMOINES 58 INDUSTRY TODAY FEATURE GREATERDESMOINES Industry Today is published bi-monthly by Positive Publications LLC, 65 Madison Avenue, Suite 540, Morristown, NJ 07960. Copyright © Industry Today 2018. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or for any purpose without prior written consent from the publisher and payment of the agreed fee. ISSN # 1521-8058 65 Madison Avenue, Suite 540, Morristown, NJ 07960 Ph. 973.218.0310 Managing Editor: Susan G. Poeton Project Director: Brian McMillan Director of Business Development and Audience Engagement: Steve Jabon Project Managers: Marcos Elias Jonathan Listig Production: Melissa S. Burge Art Director: Seema Mazhar Contributing Designers: Jorge Leandro Rodrigues Profile Writers: Reuben Ford, Lorie Greenspan, Michael Sommers, David Soyka