Industry Today Volume 21 Issue 6

REVVING Vertically integrated Continental Motors Group invests $75 million to build an advanced manufacturing facility for its piston aircraft engines. David Soyka reports. ome might wonder why aircraft pis- ton manufacturer Continental Motors® named its upcoming construction of its new greenfield manufacturing plant in Mobile, AL. “Blue Marlin.” What does a deep sea fish have to do with an aerospace company? “Blue marlins are powerful, fast, and dynam- ic sport fish: they embody the strength and versatility that has characterized Continental Motors® since our founding in 1905,” says Michael Skolnik, Executive Vice President of Global Operations. “It’s an appropriate name for a revolutionary manufacturing initiative associated with an investment of $75 million. This investment provides a strong foundation for us to build upon our leadership position for the next one-hundred years.” Indeed, Skolnik says that Project Blue Marlin will greatly improve the productivity of our existing product lines as well as provide the S 74 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | CONTINENTAL MOTORS