Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

features, but what everyday riders have come to expect,” Larose notes. “Some of our veteran employees have remarked that the amount of wiring that now goes into a bus was unheard of ten years ago.” Larose points out that as part of the Volvo Group, Nova Bus has both extensive finan- cial and technological resources. “We employ global technology from a world leading organi- zation, providing tailored solutions backed by industry leading parts and service support. Most importantly, we make highly rugged vehicles that perform in highly rugged environments that are fuel- and cost-efficient to operate.” FISCHER GROUP We are the global leader in the design and man- ufacture of stainless steel tubing for the automo- tive, architectural, agricultural, food processing and health-care sectors. Our mission is to satisfy every-increasing customer needs through relent- less, never-ending improvement in quality, cost, technology and services. Combining traditional craftsmanship with progressive technology we can satisfy all your requirements in terms of both quality and service. With a skilled and motivated staff operating in a modern manufacturing facility that has state-of- the-art laser welding mills we pride ourselves on our product quality and timely delivery. Visit for further information. INDUSTRY TODAY 105 NOVA BUS | PROFILE