Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

the leadership there. The school system, techni- cal schools and universities are actively devel- oping training programs for trades. Everyone demonstrated an interest in our long-term success, ensuring our move would be successful not only from the start, but for years to come. It was very clear from everyone involved that their partnership with us was not going to end once we moved in.” In a press release, Thomasville Mayor Greg Hobbs comments, “We appreciate that the owner of Check-Mate Industries and her family value the quality of life in Thomasville and want to become a part of the community. That was a very important factor in negotiations—they have a family friendly corporate atmosphere and we feel they are perfect for the community.” The new facility is expected to create 230 new jobs. DeBello notes that the New York operation will continue and the two manufac- turing facilities will complement one another. “We’re going to implement one production line at a time in Georgia and be very methodical to ensure that we have everything correctly in place to ensure efficient operations. He adds that as a long-time practitioner of lean manufacturing to eliminate waste, “Continuous improvement is a mindset for us. Each process is studied and broken down to see how we can make it more efficient. And once we do, then we do it again.” Pictured: Assembly department produces an average of 20,000 magazines per day. “Check-Mate Industries, is investing more than $16 million in a 168,000 square- foot location in Thomasville, Ga. that will double its workforce.” 110 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | CHECK-MATE