Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

price, and that is a tremendous benefit to our customers.” Check-Mate Industries is growing because of that ability to meet demand with a high quality process and a high quality product. DeBello emphasizes that, “Our expansion will lead to increased opportunities for skilled workers, and stimulate training programs that will develop a new generation of craftsmen. The American workforce is amazing. Our employees are like a family, and can rise to any challenge. We’ve been successful, and are growing, because of them and because of the trust of our customers. This expansion builds on our unique ability to handle customer projects from start to finish. It’s a wonderful thing to partner with local govern- ments, state organizations, training programs, skilled workers and customers for a move that’s a total win for every party involved.” Pictured: Jacquelyn Santoro – Director of Legal Affairs (left), Joseph DeBello – President and COO (middle), Regina Vieweg – Owner and CEO (right). INDUSTRY TODAY 117 CHECK-MATE | PROFILE