Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

n 2018, business insiders and industry experts proclaimed how new leaps in technology and continuing geopolitical developments would impact supply chain oper- ations across the world. Not all of these predic- tions came to light, and some that did material- ized in unexpected ways. For 2019, the question isn’t so much if global supply chain operations will be impacted by new trends in trade, politics and technology, but how. Here are three supply chain trends that individuals and organizations should continue to monitor in 2019, and one less-surprising trend to reshape supply chain operations in the future. Blockchain technology will impact supply chains, but not how you might expect 1. The early hype around the impact of blockchain technology on supply chain inno- vation has led to overblown expectations, but the true potential will likely be realized in food safety, counterfeit prevention, and ethical sourcing. One of the benefits of blockchain technology I INDUSTRY TODAY 33 FEATURE - SUPPLY CHAIN SUPPLY CHAIN ONS Three Subtle Supply Chain Trends to Monitor in 2019 (And One Expected Trend)