Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

rtificial Intelligence (AI) has been gain- ing ground across industries. HR is no exception, withAI andRobotic Process Automation (RPA) being used to streamline complex and/or repetitive processes and save costs for applications ranging from recruitment and assessments, to training. Forward-thinking enterprises are not just looking to use AI and RPA to improve HR team efficiency and effectiveness. They are also finding value in using service robots to make a visible statement about their innovative approaches and add dimension to their recruit- ment and onboarding efforts. For example, a growing number of organizations are explor- ing the use of human-friendly robots in their HR operations to attract attention, make vital connections with top candidates, and to serve Forward-thinking HR leaders embrace robot co-workers to attract top talent and to support dialogue on AI and future of work initiatives. INDUSTRY TODAY 39 FEATURE - ORANGE GATE AY WITH ROBOTS