Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

a recruitment app can lead potential employees to a secure web portal, allowing them to safe- ly input personal information for applications and further discussions. By designing the robot interaction to lead candidates to a secure web portal, security gaps surrounding the storage of personal information are addressed, although it is not a seamless process or experience yet. Moving forward, innovation in security will set the stage for more robust and sophisticated use cases that will take robot productivity and engagement to new heights. The Path Forward Whatever the technology in question, mean- ingful dialogue is a crucial starting point for understanding the challenges and opportunities that employees are facing as they interact with new technologies and processes. It is essential for business leaders to help employees learn to feel comfortable with new technologies as part of their digital transformation initiatives - including robots. Pictured: Elly the Talent Scout robot makes her public debut at Elevate TechFest in Toronto, ON (Sept 2018). INDUSTRY TODAY 45 FEATURE - ORANGE GATE