Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

every day. We shipped to 66 countries last year, recog- nized as the 2018 top exporter in a six-state region – with one full-time shipping employee (and no loading dock). We train and support thousands of customers around the world – a testament to our two-per- son support team and the quality built into our products by our manufacturing team. How? Ask our employees what we do. They’ll tell you it’s more than ship printers. We empower universities to stop counterfeit- ing by printing near-invisible QR codes that prove authenticity on everything from currency to pharmaceutical packaging. We enable medi- cal researchers to create better systems to deliv- er life-saving drugs. We help companies create jobs by keep- ing productivity high and prices competitive, replacing costly processes with seamless solu- tions – whether it’s 3D printing prototypes of injection mold tooling for pennies not five-fig- ure sums or enabling same-day dentistry by 3D printing perfectly fit dentures that give a better experience at an affordable price to patients everywhere. From Bootstrapping Startup To Multi-Million Dollar Success B9Creations director of manufacturing often says, “Build quality in.” It’s not a final check at the end of the production line, it’s the inten- tion you bring to every stage of the process from R&D to Manufacturing to Sales to Tech Support. That mantra is resonant with the whole South Dakota ecosystem that allows advanced manu- facturing to flourish in a region not known for high-tech companies. Perhaps I should say not yet known. From the military base that brings people in, to the vibrant quality of life and emerging opportunities in our mountain town that convince them to stay. From our universities that cultivate the best and brightest to economic development efforts that incubate their future employers. And with those future employers who commit to staying – and scaling – in the state. Ascent Innovation placed a bet on us as a startup. This year it bid farewell to a multi-mil- lion-dollar company as B9Creations has moved to a facility four times larger, with 30 fulltime employees and four more open positions, con- tinuing to create opportunities. INDUSTRY TODAY 55 FEATURE - SOUTH DAKOTA