Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

the production of a full-scale demonstrator part backed by the country’s most advanced materi- als science expertise. If a project is successful we can work with the company involved to investigate what it needs by way of kit and specify and guide on what is required. We have flow forming equipment manufacturers as our members and can rec- ommend what is needed for any given require- ment. And the equipment needn’t be too expen- sive. Our own machines have all the bells and whistles because they need to be able to handle any type of customer project, but an individual production facility may require a much less complex flow forming machine costing around $750-900k as opposed to $1.25-2.5m and it’s key that companies recognise this. Our aim is simple, we want to help manu- facturers and boost the manufacturing supply chain, flow forming presents significant oppor- tunities in both areas, especially given that there is a clear gap in the market. Pictured: AFRC STR 600 sheer flow spinning machine. INDUSTRY TODAY 65 FEATURE - AFRC