Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 1

transit buses using any propulsion system on the same production lines.” Bright Ahead New Flyer anticipates continuing growth oppor- tunities throughout all market segments over the next five to ten years. “Some will be buses to service Smart City deployments that utilize multimodal solutions, and we see opportunities for electric bus rapid transit (eBRT) systems becoming a more compelling option over cap- ital-intensive light rail transit (LRT),” Warren says. “Bus cost and extra funding are a reality and a constraint. This evolution of the fleet will occur over many years, it’s not an overnight revolution. There are over 80,000 transit buses on the road in the U.S. and Canada today, and it will take time to transition.” He adds, “We have a saying that goes along with our company-wide excitement to be involved in the most transformative period of transportation since the introduction of the automobile - ‘It’s Bright Ahead.’ For New Flyer, we’re proud to be the leader of transit as we enter the stages of smart mobility, electrifi- cation, and connected vehicles.” INDUSTRY TODAY 79 NEW FLYER | PROFILE