Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 2

04 FRANK CULBERTSON 70 DIAMOND GREEN DIESEL 78 ENTERGY TEXAS 48 HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE VIDEO Table of t the startof the electrificationof the ruralGulf States region in the early 20th century, sawdustwas used as a fuel to generate power. At the start of the second decade of the 21st century, and aftermore than a century in business, Entergy Texas is expanding tomeet increasingdemands for electricity with cleaner, more effici ent and more reliable energy sources. Case in point is the selection of two high-ef- ficiency, air-cooled M501GAC gas t urbines featuring state-of-the-artemissions cont rol tech- nology made by MHPS Americas to power its Montgomery County Power Stati on near POWERING THE FUTUR E Entergy Texas is a fully integrated, investor-owned utility company meeting rising demand in Southeast Texas with clean energy. David Soyka reports. A INDUSTR YTODAY 79 78 INDUSTRYTODAY PROFILE |ENTERGYTEXAS ENTERGYTEXAS | P R OFILE ocated in one of the top- manufacturing cities in the coun- try, HCC meets Houston’s demand for skilled workers by becoming a registered apprenticeship center.HCCheld a signing cer- emony of the memorandum of understanding (MOU)March18,2019.While the signing cer- emonywith theDepartmentofLaborwas influ- ential, HCC was already training students for years at the Advanced Manufacturing Center ofExcellence (COE). HCCAdvancedManufacturing CenterofExcellence HCC Stafford campus workforce building is home to the COE, which focuses on training qualifiedworkers in high-growth, high-demand and high-wage occupations. These include machining, additive manufacturing, robotics, CNC operations and advancedmanufacturing. Studentswhocomplete themachining technolo- gyormanufacturingengineeringprogramat the COE can earn anAssociateofAppliedScience, CertificateLevel 2 orCertificateLevel 1. The COE provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for the differ- ent occupations through partnerships with the ManufacturingSkillsStandardCouncil (MSSC) and the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS). Accreditations and a history of successfulapprenticeshipsprove thatHCCputs Houston Community College (HCC) and the U.S. Department of Labor joined forces to launch a manufacturing apprenticeship program. L INDUSTRYTODAY 49 48 INDUSTRYTODAY FEATURE -HOUSTONCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE FEATURE -HOUSTONCOMMUNITYCOLLEGE FEATURE HCC BECOMES A REGISTERED APPRENTICESHIP CENTER here’s been some talk by the current administration of c re ating a SpaceForceasanewmilita ry service branch, aswell as amandate forNAS A toplan human transport toMars by 2033.M ea nwhile, Space X, the first commercial ente r prise to send a cargo ship to the Internation al Space Station (ISS), is just one of several pri vat e com- panies that also have manned space fli ght on the drawing board.Not tomention t ho se such Retired astronaut Fran k L. Culbertson discusse s the roles of the public a nd private sector in the sp ace program and why we n eed to go there. T INDUS TRYTODAY 5 FOCUS -FRANKCULB E RTSON 4 INDUSTRYTODAY FOCUS -FRANKCULBERTSON LOOKING UPWARDS FOCUS ustainable energyproduction continues togrow,aspriceperformance improves with larger scalability and technolog- ical advancement. Just one recent example is the addition of a second plant to theDiamond Green Diesel bio-fuel facility in Norco, La. The expansion, due to complete in 2021, will increase production capacity by 400 million gallons, over its current 275 million gallons produced annually.”Diamond Green Diesel (DGD) is a joint venture between Darling Ingredients,producerof sustainableprod- ucts frombio-nutrients and the firstpro- ducer of biodiesel made from animal fats both in Canada and the U.S., and Diamond Alternative Energy LLC, a subsidiary of petrochemi- cal manufacturer Valero Energy Corporation. The $1.1 billion investment in the new plant and improved S RENEWABLE DIESEL Diamond Green Diesel, a joint venture between a Valero subsidiary and Darling Ingredients to produce renewable diesel, expands production. David Soyka reports. INDUSTRYTODAY 71 70 INDUSTRYTODAY PROFILE |DIAMONDGREENDIESEL DIAMONDGREENDIESEL | PROFILE 2 INDUSTRY TODAY