Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 2

on big data analysis. “This is a wonderful fit for us since there is a strong demand for anal- ysis. Having data is one thing, but you need specialists who understand how to interpret and manipulate it in order to get to actionable results.” The Tauber teams’ access to extensive aca- demic resources has come to be recognized by sponsoring companies as a real benefit. Each student team coordinates with two faculty advisors, one from the Ross School of Business and one from the College of Engineering; a communications coach who reviews papers and presentations; and a team-dynamics coach who ensures that the students mesh together to form a successful team. “We try to impart soft skills through year- round modules because those are the skills that will enable our students to get ahead,” Crossley says. “So while they are earning their MBA or Master’s in Engineering, they use their electives for courses in the oppo- site school and go through training in our Leadership AdvantageSM Program. We offer operations-efficiency and leadership modules to prepare students by further cultivating their skills, teamwork capability, cultural awareness, and business relationships.” Tauber’s Advisory Board believes that in order for its students to have a competitive advantage, this unique leadership training is a must. And as a result, many leading global companies seek to inter- view and hire Tauber students and alumni. Learn more about the Tauber Institute for Global Operations at Pictured: Tauber Institute volunteers made an impact on Community Service Day by donating expert operations advice to local organizations. INDUSTRY TODAY 29 FEATURE - TAUBER INSTITUTE