Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 3

30 BRCGS 82 CLARK EMPILHADEIRAS 14 DELOITTE REPORT 60 DXC TECHNOLOGY Table of famous legenddescribes an emperor who asked an inventor to name his reward for bringing an innovation to the kingdom. The keen inventor asked the emperor for payment in the humble grain of rice, paying the inventor with t he results from taking a single grain of rice th at would be doubled on each square over a 6 4-square chessboard. In the end, the final squ ares had exponentialmountains of rice.Today ’s velocity Manufacturers can maintain momentum if they continue to identify and capitalize on new invention s and advancements. A INDUST RYTODAY 15 14 INDUSTRYTODAY FEATURE -DELOITTE FEATURE -D ELOITTE KEEPING PACE WITH THE SPEED OF INDUSTRY 4.0 FEATURE hat does it mean to digitally transform a business?With dig- ital disruptors challenging every industry, executive leaders must examine all aspects of their existing business models and processes andquickly test concepts and ideas to compete, otherwise they run the risk of being disintermediated bymore agile competitors. This process is often referred to as a “digital transformation journey”-- re-thinkinghow to cost-effectively improve internal and external processes, provide excellent customer service, make the best use of talent and compete with market-leadingproducts and services.One step at a time, it drives evolution of the business to survive and thrive an increasingly uncertain W D IGITAL DELIVERED DXC Technology is a world-leading end-to-end IT services company that leads clients on their digital transformation journeys. David Soyka reports. INDUSTRYTODAY 61 60 INDUSTRY TODAY PROFILE | DXCTECHNOLOGY DXCTECHNOLOGY | PROFILE INDUSTRYTODA Y 31 30 INDUSTRYTODAY FEATURE -BRCGS FEATURE -BRCG S FEATURE BRCGS BUILDING TRUST IN TODAY’S SUPPLY CHAIN oday, perhaps more than ever, con- sumers want transparency in the sup- ply chainsdelivering theproducts they buy. Particularly in the world of fast-moving consumer goods and services, consumers w a nt to knowwhere theirproducts are coming fro m, andhow they aremade. Founded in 1996 by a group of retailersw ho Used by over 28,000 certificated suppliers in 130 countries, BRCGS’ Standards guarantee standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria, to provide protection for consumers. T he oldestmanufacturer of lift trucks in the world, the Clark Material HandlingCompany began the year 2019 with a feat of heavy lifting: the global launch of its S-Series forklift. The choice of “S” for this line of pneumatic and cushion-tired truck lifts was hardly random; the moniker references the equipment’s cut- ting-edge triumvirate of safety, strength and smartness, attributes that have made Clark T GETTING A LIFT The Brazilian affiliate of a pioneering producer of lift trucks bets on safety, strength and lots of smart technology to grow its business. INDUSTRYTODAY 85 84 INDUSTRYTODAY PROFILE |CLARKEMPILHADEIRAS CLARKEMPILHADEIRAS | PROFILE 2 INDUSTRY TODAY