Industry Today Volume 22 Issue 3

Reputation aside, however, Clark is the only one of its competitors that doesn’t actually produce forklifts in Brazil. As it contemplates growth strategies for the future, one of its main goals is to have its own manufacturing plant, initially to supply equipment for the Brazilian market, but eventually so that it can expand into neighboring Argentina, Chile and Colombia. At the present moment, this plan has been put on hold, a consequence of the continuing fallout from Brazil’s recent and ongoing political and economic crisis. The subsequent climate of insta- bility has seen the domestic forklift sec- tor shrink significantly in recent years, knocking Brazil from its perch among Clark’s Top 10 worldwide markets. Despite this difficult phase, Clark, along with its distributors and its suppliers, are all optimistic that in the near future the tide will turn and a wave of growth will lift the fortunes of the lift truck segment along with those of the company that invented the forklift. INDUSTRY TODAY 93 CLARK EMPILHADEIRAS | PROFILE