Industry Today Volume 23 Issue 3

vinyl value chain members do business. For example, the U.S. vinyl industry’s air emis- sions have decreased by 84 percent since 1987, while overall production of resin has increased by 99 percent over the same period. Finally, it’s important to note that vinyl is recyclable, and with the help of product manufacturers and more than 100 recycling facilities, the vinyl industry recycles over 1 bil- lion pounds of vinyl materials annually in the U.S. and Canada. The path forward is clear for continuous improvement With clear benchmarks for each of the three impact categories, the VSC will announce the next set of industry commitments and targets for the industry in the first quarter of 2021. And we are preparing to launch a pilot PVC recycling initiative. As an industry, we are proud of the sus- tainability efforts to date, but we know there is always room for continuous improvement. The industry commitments and targets are challenging but achievable, dependent on continued collaboration with members and +Vantage Vinyl participants. The vinyl indus- try is committed to advancing the sustainabil- ity of the industry and meeting the challenges of the voluntary industry commitments. To learn more about sustainability in the vinyl industry, you can review additional data in the VSC’s Our Sustainability Journey: 2015-2019, which was just released in May. Contact Information: 202-765-2200 INDUSTRY TODAY 49 FEATURE - VINYL INSTITUTE